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MONTREAL (CA) | Virée Classique

  • Maison Symphonique 1600 Rue Saint-Urbain Montréal, QC, H2X Canada (map)


Stanley Laurel and Oliver Hardy are fired from the city band after having caused trouble despite themselves. The two friends resort to street-busking to make a bit of money, but soon, conflict breaks out between them. They engage passers-by in the process and manage to trigger a full-fledged street fight.


Laurel and Hardy (Stan and Ollie) are employed as door-to-door Christmas tree salesmen in California. After two disappointments, they try their luck with a third prospective client (James Finlayson). After the latter has shown them the exit, the Christmas tree gets stuck in the door, and they must ring the doorbell again. The situation degenerates into a veritable demolition spree: first, Ollie’s clothes, then the duo’s car and parts of the client’s house. One of the most hilarious masterpieces from this classic comic duo.